Good Dental Hygiene Starts Early!


This image is © to Mary Margret.  I think I may have seen this exact same image in a dentist’s office at least once before.  I do appreciate the tools of their trade, even if they instilled a certain primeval fear in me as a child!

Now I don’t assume you’re a huge fan of taking a trip to the dentist (don’t worry neither am I this is a judgment free article, you’re safe here!) but you’re probably informed enough from school, your family, and friends, to know just how important taking care of your teeth and your mouth is.  I’m not just talking about avoiding halitosis (the bad breath disease, and if you ever want to give someone a kiss you’ll want to avoid that at all costs!) or avoiding gingivitis (we can thank mouth wash all day for helping us fight that one…) but really just having a healthy body as a whole, and that includes taking care of your teeth and mouth.  Personally, I think I’d rather deal with a little bad breath or a minor allergy than having some sort of oral or throat cancer.  So with that in mind, do remember to educate the young people in your life as early as possible, and keep in mind that the best way to educate is often to lead by example.


A heart felt “thank you” goes out to Make Less Noise for posting this adorable picture of a mother helping her young child with brushing his tiny teeth.  I think the title for this article really can be personified in just this picture, don’t you agree?

Just as I was saying you should lead by example, here you see a young mother helping her son (the fact that he’s an adorable little tyke really sells the idea too doesn’t it?) with his own oral hygiene.  If I’m ever blessed enough to have a child of my own, I’ll be sure to instruct them early on about taking care of their baby teeth and tell them that those are their practice teeth!  I’m not sure if I’ll be giving them a serious concept of the ‘tooth fairy’ but I’ll certainly advise them about taking care of their permanent teeth as well as they possibly can.  In fact, I had an immigrant great grandfather who had died at a ripe old age with all of his permanent teeth still flawless in his head.  I think if a man of his generation could pull that off, then we with all of our advanced technology in this generation should have no excuses.


Here we see a much more comforting image (courtest of Irina Patrascu) of a modern dentist’s office.  I think this is a far cry from those times of yore when we had brutal tools of the trade that made a trip to the dentist (which was often also the barber!) a much more foreboding errand.

So if you take one thing from this little posting, do remember to take care of yourself and lead by example, because no one else can take better care of you than you!

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